Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book #2 Hell is El Paso

Book number two of the Vivika Stryker Mystery series is with the editor now. I hope to get it back and start the re-writes in the next three or so weeks.

Book number three, The Roswell Hustle is damn near finished! I'm at page 227 tonight. Whew...

And... book number four has revealed itself to me, in a good way. :)  Should be starting it sometime before the end of the year.

In other news... we sold our house in Antlers, Oklahoma on July 1st, and purchased another RV and we are currently in the RV and on the ground in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico! The desert is wonderful.

Gayle, Peanut and Korina are all doing quite well and loving the desert as much as I am.

I plan on adding more and more content and what have you to this Blog as the weeks roll on. I will also be adding excerpts from the novels from time to time as well as some short stories, and maybe a poem or two.

Thanks for checking in...

Dave   :)


  1. Hurrrrrrry up and get home. I also need those books to read asap!!!