Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a tease from deep within book #4.... muwahahahhahah

     After two hours of searching, his tracking led him back to the site where the body was found. It was there, that the first clue finally reached out to him. He double checked the soil directly in front of him, it was safe to kneel down. Well tended ground gave gently to his weight. He rolled a stout pepper leaf between his fingers. Raising his hand and passed it under his nose. It brought about a sensory memory. BJ stood back up, traced the outline of his clue with his flashlight, shaking his head. The only broken pepper plants, the only soil disturbed he found on his search, was exactly where the body was found. “No way…” BJ uttered to himself. The pepper plants were bent over and broken in a perfect outline of the victims body.
    A slow creeping chill slithered down the base of his skull, ending at the bottom of his spine. He quickly changed channels and recounted what he knew so far. The dead guy. No I.D., no tracks near the body, no tracks anywhere other than the ones that belonged on the property, no obvious signs of death, no blood, no wounds, male Hispanic, early twenties. BJ squatted down, turned off his flashlight, “What happened here?” He exhaled deeply.